Интервью с TinKode (c0de.breaker)

Salut TinKode! Would you please tell us a little about yourself? How old are you, where are you from, etc..

#Hmm.. I'm a simple guy from Romania, 18 years old, etc

Who is a hacker? What did you think about it?

#I don't like this term, because today all are hackers (but they are newbie)
If someone think about him as is hacker, is a simple script-kiddie.

Is hacking easy? Can anybody do it?

#No. Isn't easy. All think this term "hacking" is about keyloggers / stealers / radmins / dos,ddos / other things like these, maybe 70% have this conception.

Why do hackers hack?

#Maybe because is a hobby, or if they can, or for personal loans (BlackHat).

What relation have people with hackers in your country?

# A good one. In Romania not exist strict rules about hacking etc.

How and why did you get started hacking web sites? (research)

#With some time ago (4 years more exactly). I like this, and i continued to reasearch. First time i activated on many forums about hacking / security, but i saw, isn't a difference if i'm in a crew, or not. So i decided to leave all my teams.

When did you first start research web sites?

#Hmm, i can't know exactly, first time was a joke.

How you learn hacking?
#I was interested about all thing, and after, i searched any paper / article / video / etc about them

A large number of your vulnerabilities focus on database manipulation is (SQL Injection). Why did you choose this type of vulnerability?

#When you say SQL Injection, you say (MySQL,MSSQL,PostGreSQL,Oracle,Informix,MS Access,DB2,Ingres) injection etc
This vulnerability today is very common to mostly websites. Anyway this is my favourite method.

What tools do you use to search for vulnerabilities on web sites and that you are developing, which means. What you write?

#I don't use any tool for search vulnerability, i make all things manual. If i need to extract something big (many tables,columns) i use sqlmap (very rarely).

What do you think about security in world (internet)?

#As you can see, many huge companies like kaspersky / nod32 / nasa / facebook / symantec / etc have N vulnerabilities. My oppinion: it's low.

Why did you choose Nasa.gov?

#Is one from the biggest websites from the world. I wanted to test something big, so i chose this.

What can you say about security in Nasa?

#Have many vulnerabilities, XSS in specialy, SQLi, LFI etc. I can't understand why.

What kind advice can you give for general Internet security? for Nasa?

#I don't know if i can make a advice, isn't important what i want, because 100% will not be respected.

What objects on the territory of Russia represent real interest for hackers or no?

#Hmm i don't know, personally i searched few big(i'm not sure if are) websites from Russia (20 min max), and i found many vulnerable. A big advantages is them are in Russian language and I can't understand all things :))

What do you think about russian hackers?

#I don't know anyone, to can say something.

What are you doing now?

#I'll continue to research.

What hobbies do you have?

#I have many hobbies (Basket, friends, football, tennis, trips, girls :> etc) than pentesting, i'm a simple guy.

What movies and music do you like?

# I like Rap, Hip-Hop (SUA), and from Russia (Timati), etc... PsyTehno (Infected Mushrooms), Pop, Rock, etc

How do you see your future?What plans for the future?

#Hmm i don't know, i hope to be good! :)


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2 Response to "Интервью с TinKode (c0de.breaker)"

  1. Kerny says:
    14 decembrie 2009, 00:42

    volare тебе надо было журналистом стать.

  2. volare says:
    14 decembrie 2009, 02:09

    Никогда не думала про это) Какой то год, лет в 16 мною завладела идея стать адвокатом, но более 3 месяцев она не прожила.