Интервью с Ne0h.

volare: Salut Ne0h! Would you please tell us a little about yourself? How old are you, where are you from, etc..

Ne0h: Salut,well first of all i wanna thanks for this interview!
I have 24 years and i’m from romania you can see i’m eager for web security.

volare: Who is a hacker? What did you think about it?

Ne0h: A hacker can be anyone,you can tell to a chemist is a hacker cos he do try new compositions with substances. I do not think i’m a hacker or a cracker,i think i’m just me. The person who will tell you he is a hacker you can be sure he aint cos real hackers not praise with ther “job”.

volare: Is hacking easy? Can anybody do it?

Ne0h: No,hacking aint easy!Anybody can download some software and start to make shits with them but a real hacker will always try to hack in to others PC with ther own method or ther own software!That is a real hacker.

volare: Why do hackers hack?

Ne0h: Hackers hack just to proof that dosent exist 100% true secure PC.
Like me,Unu and others we just want to see if that web site or server is secure and that is all we do.

volare: What relation of people to hackers in your country?

Ne0h: When you say hacker you meen a person who is lonely or a “cool” one.
In Romania a lot of kids are Wannabe hackers using others shit.

volare: How and why did you get started hacking web sites? (research)

Ne0h: Well i really like to spend time trying to find vulnerable web sites and hack them.
This is my hobby When i first started to hack sites i just trying to deface ther website but i realized what i’m doing is wrong so i started again as a White Hat.

volare: When did you first start research web sites?

Ne0h: Hmm..i started 1 year ago when a web site of one of my friends has been hacked.

volare: How you learn hacking?

Ne0h: You learn to hack through hard reading!

volare: A large number of your vulnerabilities focus on database manipulation (SQL Injection). Why did you choose this type of vulnerability?

Ne0h: I chose SQLi cos trough SQLi you get fast acces to ther data bases,not like Cross Site Scripting or RFI/LFI.

volare: What tools do you use to search for vulnerabilities on web sites and that you are developing, which means. What you write?

Ne0h: When i search a vulnerability i check every link,every shit to see if there is a vulnerable parameter for now i’m not developing any software. When i’m to lazy to exploit that web site manual i use Pangolin.

volare: What do you think about security in world (internet)?

Ne0h: Well my personal think is that the www security is very,very low!

volare: Why did you choose Pentagon?

Ne0h: I choose Pentagon cos is a very important web site and known in the world.

volare: What can you say about security in Pentagon?

Ne0h: Ther security is not good but not low at the same time.They have been lucky to have only a XSS vulnerability!

volare: What kind advice can you give for general Internet security?

Ne0h: My advice is this: You must remake again the security,listen when a white hacker e-mail you with a vulnerability not trial them!

volare: What objects on the territory of Russia represent real interest for hackers or no?

Ne0h: Really i dont know i chosen the Central Bankf of Russia just to see if ther web site is vulnerable.

volare: What do you think about russian hackers?

Ne0h: Well i think some of them are great hackers and friends at the same time.

volare: What are you doing now?

Ne0h: Now i’m searching in Vodafone and Orange vulnerabilityes.

volare: What hobbies do you have?

Ne0h: Well to see if a web site is vulnerable or not.

volare: What movies and music do you like?

Ne0h: My favorite movies is the horror and action and i listen to Hip Hop

volare: How do you see your future?What plans for the future?

Ne0h: For know i dont know what plans i have.

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